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NBA2k18 Locker Codes Instructions

How to redeem a locker code?

It's super simple and I'd say everyone knows this. Just go to features, then select codes and now all you have to do is enter the locker code exactly like we've given you, with the dashes. Locker Codes are usually five groups of characters, five characters long with a mix of numbers and letters.

Where do we get the locker codes from?

We have exclusive access to the Locker Codes algorithm and therefore we are able to create an unlimited number of Locker Codes with whatever prize we want, that explains why we are able to give out 50k VC and 100k VC Locker Codes for free!

With which console do your Locker Codes work with?

Our Locker Codes work with every console, you just need to choose what console you want your locker code to work with and we take care of the rest. So they basicly work with the PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360.


To be able to get your own NBA 2k8 Code click the Get Locker Code on the home page, its a big green button. As soon as clicked a box will come up loading your request., as soon as that is carried out you'll have to decide for exactly what system you would like the locker code to run with. Once you have selected the console system you will have to pick the reward of the locker code which ranges from 5000 VC to 100000 VC or perhaps a Diamond Player. You are nearly done -- go on and complete all of the needed actions in order to obtain access to your own Nba 2k17 Locker Code, simply share as well as tweet, and you're done. Now you'll gain acces to your distinctively generated Locker Code, totally for free! You are able to replicate thos proccess a limitless quantity of times. Now go to nba 2k17 and redeem the locker code! And repeat as many times as you want!